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Puck Passer Pro Dave Puck Passer Pro Dave

Hi, I’m Dave. I started to skate when I was four years old in a backyard ice rink. When I was six, I started to play organized travel hockey. It involved early mornings, long drives, practice twice a week, games on Saturday and Sunday, road trips every other weekend, and tournaments a few weekends per year. From grade school through high school, I shot hundreds of pucks every day. Every time I was home, I was in my driveway shooting. Anyone who wants to get to the highest level knows they have to put in the extra time and receive the extra repetitions.

It was a constant routine.  I would shoot until I ran out of daylight. Most of the time I was shooting, I did not have anyone around to pass me pucks. I dumped the bucket of pucks, dragged them one by one onto a piece of plywood with my stick, shot, collected the pucks, and repeated. Both of my parents worked full time jobs and few people in my neighborhood played hockey.  It was during these endless hours shooting pucks that the idea first came to me about a hockey puck passing machine.

Dave Frustrated with Training Options Dave Frustrated with Training Options

Looking back at the situation now, I am frustrated I did not have the Puck Passer Pro during these endless hours of shooting. I became a master at shooting stationary pucks. However, during my entire hockey career I never remember ever once shooting a stationary puck during a game.

I do recall receiving hundreds of passes on the blue line during games, taking one timers on two-on-ones, receiving break out passes and passes in the slot. I practiced a lot, and it did make me a better player, but I spent all of my time training for the unlikely situations of shooting stationary pucks.

As a mechanical engineer and lifelong hockey player, I was inspired to design the Puck Passer Pro. All hockey players deserve a tool to make training more efficient and more fun, and ultimately to Train Like a Pro. If you have the desire to get to the top and the dedication to put in the hard work, the Puck Passer Pro will help you dominate your competition.

Dave after using the Puck Passer Pro Dave after using the Puck Passer Pro

The correlation between practice and performance is simple. The more passes you receive and the more shots you take, the more opportunities you will capitalize on during a game. The Puck Passer Pro allows hockey players to develop these skills before, during, and after practice on a daily basis. Handling moving pucks is one of the most important aspects of hockey and the Puck Passer Pro provides an innovative solution to train hockey players.

At speeds up to forty miles per hour and intervals from two to sixteen seconds, players of any skill level can go from practicing on the ice to simulating game time passes on any smooth surface at home.  Receive perfect passes in your driveway, on a concrete basement floor, on synthetic ice, or on the ice of your backyard rink or pond.  It is the perfect tool to help players improve reaction time, build hockey strength and develop puck skills.

The Puck Passer Pro is the only portable, automatic, hockey puck passing machine in the world and is built to withstand the tough environments of a hockey lifestyle. Our puck passing machines are an investment in your entire hockey career. We stand behind our product because we know your results will speak for themselves. So stop wasting your time and money and start Training Like a Pro. Shop below after reviewing our features or Buy One Now.


The Puck Passer Pro The Puck Passer Pro

  • Rugged carbon steel construction with powder coat finish to withstand harsh environments
  • Custom motor with oversized shaft
  • Durable push buttons to control pass speed and interval
  • LED control panel
  • Push button pass control
  • Passes pucks up to 40 mph
  • Passes pucks from 2 to 16 second intervals
  • Holds up to 16 pucks at a time
  • Puck loading arm assembles and disassembles easily, no hardware required!
  • One year WARRANTY
  • Made in the USA



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