Puck Passer Pro
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Innovate Train Perform​
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Why 16 Pucks?

Why 18 Pucks?

After countless hours of research, testing, coaching and reviewing video, Innovate Train Perform has determined that sixteen pucks is the perfect amount of repetitions for one set of shooting practice – for any age level. We like to stress the importance of practicing proper shooting technique with the perfect work to rest ratio and we do not want our users to pick up bad habits.

A full load of sixteen pucks lets you stay focused and gives you the chance to take enough shots to get you winded, but not too many to force bad habits because of fatigue. When practicing with the Puck Passer Pro, it is important to take a few seconds to rest, recover, and reload. Remember, the actual number of shots you get in a game is limited and you need to make the most out of every single one.

Sure, we could have designed the puck loader to hold fifty pucks, but more is not always better. Every single detail was designed into the Puck Passer Pro with a purpose. We like to emphasize not only training harder, but training SMARTER!

Stay focused, work on repeating good techniques, and forming good habits. With the use of the Puck Passer Pro, you will be the player who scores 50 goals this season, not the one that takes a thousand slapshots over the net!

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