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Why Train with PPP?

Why should individuals train with the Puck Passer Pro?

Proper preparation gives you the opportunity to be succesful in anything you do. Hockey training is no different. To improve and get to the next level, you have to train the way the game is played.

Repetition is the key. Control passes at different speeds and at different intervals. Move the machine and take passes from different angles and positions to simulate any game scenario. The movements you practice will become habits and anytime the puck comes at you, you will be more comfortable making the play.

If you practice like you really play, your performance will show the results. Visit our Video Vault to watch different training exercises.

The Puck Passer Pro is designed to enhance players’ senses and skills. The only way to improve receiving passes is to receive passes. Use the Training Vault videos on our website to find practice exercise ideas.  So be innovative in your training and practice with the Puck Passer Pro.


Skill Development

Skills - ReactionREACTION

Improve your reaction time by receiving passses at varying intervals. Take pass every 2 seconds  or slow it down to every 16 seconds and practice making some moves before the next puck comes at you.




SPEEDSkills - Speed

Pucks will keep coming until the loader is empty. Make a move and get the shot off – another puck is on the way. The continuous passing forces you to play quickly. If you get used to practicing at high speeds up to 40mph with the Puck Passer Pro, you will play at high speeds.



Skills - Strength


Practice receiving hard passes. You can only find the back of the net if you can catch the pass.





VERSATILITYSkills - Versatility
Be versatile in your ability to handle any pass. Take passes on the back hand, into your feet, or away from your stick. Remember, good players make good plays with bad passes.




Skills - CreativityCREATIVITY

Be creative with your training. Use the Puck Passer Pro during skating drills, goalie drills and off-ice circuit workouts. Take passes from behind the net, across the slot, or at the point.



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